Attention scam domen site

Attention! I woke up early in the morning. I was in a hurry, as a result I stumbled upon fraud.


Message arrived on Discord scam name: Subspace#5045

You have been notified in Subspace( We want to thank our community from the bottom of our hearts for getting this project to where it is today. We are thrilled to show everyone what will come in the days ahead. Since our inception, we have seen incredible development in the DeFi space, unprecedented hours dedicated to development and implementation. Subspace is a new blockchain powered by Proof-of-Archival-Storage (PoAS) consensus, which provides a permanent, scalable, decentralized storage solution. Wen token? As many of you know, there have been rumors of a sale coming up, and we are excited to officially announce the Subspace Token Sale. As a way of giving back to those who supported us, we will be hosting a limited-time presale to raise liquidity and allow our users to buy tokens early. Our token (SUB) will have a supply of 100,000,000 and will publicly launch on the 22nd of March. $SUB will be available now on at a rate of 1000 SUB/0.1 ETH There will be a maximum allocation of 1 ETH per wallet. Shortly after interacting with our smart contract, a proportional amount of Subspace will be distributed to the address you sent from. Please note we will sell out extremely quickly, so please purchase at your discretion!

SCAM Wallet:



The fraudster withdrew funds to this address: 0x077d360f11d220e4d5d831430c81c26c9be7c4a4

If you know how to get my money back, please write me a comment.

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